A “must” for all Pilates lovers in Rome!


Duration: 120 minutes (1hour 30 minutes practical class; 30 minutes theories)

When: Friday 18 September 2015 h18-20

Where: San Lo’ dance studio in Rome

Max 15 attendants

Cost: 20 euros (+ 3 euros San Lo’ studio admission)


Content: movements connections (pre exercises trough fascia), classic mat repertoire and a short theoretical explanation of this concept.

This Matclass uses the original Pilates repertoire in combination with the newest research of „Fascia in Motion™“ based on the concept Contrology Pilates Method. CPM has pioneered an application of the revolutionary findings of Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains into the Pilates Methodology; working with the nature of the body’s fascial system, through the mapping of the Anatomy Trains, has produced profound results. It offers a greater insight and clarity of the Pilates vision, of the human organism and of the phenomena of the fascial system.

The class is recommended for Pilates and Fitness teachers, as well as Pilates students of all levels.

The class will be taught in English (with Italian translation whenever necessary).

Daughter of a Brazilian mother and a Swiss father, Isabel is born and raised in Brazil. Since her childhood she is fascinated by the world of dance and the different methods of body-work. Consequently, she decides to make a living of her passion for movement and its instruction.
In 1986, during her studies of “Physical Education and Sports” at the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil, she starts her career in sports related health & physical activities– first in Brazil then from 1997 in Switzerland – as a Group Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer and Professor of the Health/Fitness education at the Bern University of Applied Sciences/Swiss Federal Institute of Sports Magglingen SFISM.
In 2004 Isabel discovers her passion for Pilates during a workshop in Lausanne. Starting her structured Pilates education in 2005, she certifies in 2013 with Polestar© to become a Pilates Studio Trainer (all Pilates equipment).
During the same year Isabel makes her dream come true and becomes an self- employed Pilates Teacher, teaching at “Pilateszone” in Zurich. She continues her Pilates education with Karin Locher (www.contrology-pilates-method.com) based on the newest fascia research.
Isabel is CPM certified.
Isabel is teaching in German, English, French and Portuguese.

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What’s FASCIA?
Check out this article to know more about the FASCIA concept: http://www.contrology-pilates-method.com/FasciaAnatomyTrainPilatesMethod.asp